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by Sheila J Tofflemire on Sunday, January 15, 2012, 3:20 pm

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eReader - "Print is Dead"I’m sorry to say my posting has been very infrequent, but we’re busy, busy, busy here! I’m devoting a great deal of time and effort to researching and writing my book (details later), which I intend to self-publish later this year. I’ll give you a heads-up when it’s about to be released, and as this is an eBook/ePublishing site, the book will, of course be in electronic form only. Save those trees!

In my capacity as a technical writer and freelance editor, I’ve helped others either directly or indirectly in preparing their own creations for publication. Besides providing the editing for a number of others’ self-published works; I’ve also edited and provided layout and content for an entire series of books on the topic of luck and lotteries — the Lottery Luck Club Trilogy, as the author likes to call them.

Now I think it’s my turn to leap into the world of self-publishing. I’d like to see my own name listed as the author instead of just the editor. Why self-publishing you ask? Why not go the traditional route and try to publish through a legacy publisher? Loads of reasons, with the number one being the length of time it takes before your book goes to market. For a traditional publisher, from the time a manuscript is accepted to the time it’s actually available for sale, this process can be several months. And since my book will be in electronic format only — not print — why should I wait?

There are many authors taking advantage of the ePublishing revolution and having great success. And contrary to certain publishing world myths, there is no longer any stigma to self-publishing.

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