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Spots Of A Leopard – a journalist grows up by Aernout Zevenbergen. $9.99 from Smashwords.com
“Spots Of A Leopard – a journalist grows up” is a quest to discover the meaning of modern-day manhood. When internationally acclaimed journalist Aernout Zevenbergen moved to Kenya in 1997, he had no idea how deeply his encounters with joy and sorrow in Africa would effect him. Writing about the most inspiring as well as the most disconcerting facets of life, Zevenbergen learns how to grow up.

Vengeance at Midway and Guadalcanal by Leland Shanle. $6.11 from Smashwords.com
A novel of war. World War II explodes in the face of the reader: from the cockpits of fighter aircraft, through the eyes of men trapped in island Tropical Hells. Written by a retired Naval Aviator and former Paratrooper; the author puts the reader in the F-4F Wildcat and jungle, as warriors engage in a titanic struggle around the globe.

Hometown Prophet by Jeff Fulmer. $5.99 from Smashwords.com
Following a spiritual experience, Peter Quill begins to have dreams that come true. When he correctly predicts a major event in front of the church, he is heralded as a modern day prophet. It isn’t until his dreams challenge the biases of people in the community that he comes under attack, discovering what it means to truly be a prophet of God.

Undercover Agent; How One Honest Man Took on the Drug Mob…And Then the Mounties by Peter Rehak. $4.99 from Smashwords.com
It was North America’s biggest drug bust, worth $238 million. The man behind it was a small-town businessman who fooled the Miami drug barons who were setting up a pipeline into Canada. Leonard Mitchell worked undercover for the RCMP for 19 months because “it was the right thing to do.” He was successful but it earned him a lifetime run from the mob and he also had to take on the Mounties.

How to Get Any Man to Do Anything You Want! by Dusty White. $4.99 from Smashwords.com
How to Get ANY MAN to do ANYTHING You Want! is a humorous–and effective–look at dating and how to get the men you want in your life and quickly & easily shoo away creeps, stalkers, disasters, and jerks who will cost you time, money, and sanity.

So You Think You Can Manage… by Reinhard Stompe. $9.99 from Smashwords.com
New management book with a unique approach to business leadership by veteran management consultant and nuclear physicist Dr. Hans Hofmann-Reinecke for the successful management of small companies or large corporations. He develops a compelling theory and a set of handy tools through analyzing typical blunders committed in real life organizations.

Why Relationships Fail by Steven T. Griggs, Ph.D.. $14.95 from Smashwords.com
As a clinical psychologist, I deal with relationship problems every day. I have a great success record in the office, dealing with all the issues that cause relationship messes, and making relationships sing again. Clients said I should write an ebook so people can fix their relationships on their own. I did. Its hard-hitting and no fat. See below for a more detailed description.

All Is Well 2: More stories of Guts and Grace, Courage and Compassion. by Lee Hartley. $9.95 from Smashwords.com
All Is Well 2 offers uplifting stories glancing into personal struggles that we all face. They will inspire you to approach your own life knowing that when you change your mind …you will change your life. Expect to find your self reading into the wee hours, one compelling tale after another and receiving a gift in each author’s lessons learned.

Writing Compelling Fiction by L. J. Martin. $5.95 from Smashwords.com
L. J. Martin is the acclaimed author of 30 works from Bantam, Avon, Pinnacle, and his own Wolfpack Productions. WRITE COMPELLING FICTON is a how-to book for writers who want to be published or to improve their writing. It’s a compilation of writing tricks and tactics to get the reader involved, and to create a can’t-put-it-down work, a compelling work.

Prophet’s Dilemma by Jerome Haymaker. $10.00 from Smashwords.com
This non-fiction book is a combination of stories that appeared in the 2010 Village View Newspaper column ‘Beyond Ordinary’. Customer approval prompted the collection to be put in this book. It chronicles the premonitions of the writer and tells how some parts were discussed on the evening news presented across the United States. These are the story behind the stories as they occurred.

A Mile to breakthrough by Michael Oduah. $9.99 from Smashwords.com
“A Mile to Breakthrough” is an inspirational and heart-lifting book. Specifically written for people who want to experience a breakthrough in all areas of their life. Going by the economic reality in our world today, to experience a breakthrough seems elusive. This book gives hope to the hopeless.The information contained in this book prepares and you to experience your breakthroughs.

The Kikkuli Method of Horse Training by Dr A. Nyland. $9.95 from Smashwords.com
A 3000 year old fitness program for horses offers modern trainers a way to improve horses’ fitness while keeping them sound and happy. The program was named after the Mitannian Master Horse Trainer Kikkuli, whose horse conditioning techniques helped establish a military empire in around 1345 BC. By following the instructions in the Kikkuli Text, you will be able to produce a superb equine athlete.

Dealing with Depression Naturally by Miriam Kinai. $9.99 from Smashwords.com
Dealing with Depression Naturally teaches you how to manage depression holistically with these natural therapies: 1. Apparel therapy 2. Aromatherapy 3. Art therapy 4. Christian Biblical principles 5. Diet therapy 6. Ecotherapy 7. Herbal remedies 8. Home decor therapy 9. Music therapy 10. Physical exercise 11. Self-Psychotherapy 12. Social therapy 13. Talk therapy 14. Vitamins 15. Writing therapy

Mastering Your Credit – 2012 by JAC . $6.99 from Smashwords.com
Mastering Your Credit – 2012 gives you the truth about ‘credit’ and how you can establish your credit or improve your credit score no matter what your situation is. Understanding how credit works and learing how to maintain your credit score in today’s economy will help you rebuild your credit, rebuild your life.

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