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eBookNook is the blog platform for my eBook publishing website, eBookPRESS. Both the commercial site and the blog are maintained by me, Sheila Tofflemire, and both are divisions of Virtual Edge Communications.

eBookNook is a place for me to share news, reviews, and industry trends regarding ebooks and ebook publishing. I hope it will become a place where you’ll want to share your ebook experiences too.

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Sheila Tofflemire

I have edited more than 30 children’s books – books written by children for children. In addition, I have provided editing with layout & design services for books written by adults, including 21 Lucky Lottery Tips and Healing Stress in Our Lives & in Society.

I am a member of the Editors’ Association of Canada; plus I enjoy blogging, editing, and communicating my love of eBooks to others.

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